Talking in Dewey – Camp NaNoWriMo Days 6 -9

Camp NaNoWriMo Days 6 – 9

It seems like writing is so much harder to do at the beginning of the week, and somehow, that just carried forward this week. Is that just me? I think it makes sense for any writer who also has another full-time day job – where do you find the time? I am very much not a morning person, so no matter how hard I try, I can’t get myself up early to write before work, and by the time I get home from work, I’m too tired to write. Ah, one of the trickiest parts of being a writer: finding and maintaining a daily routine.

During the beginning of the week I’m in library mode – I live and breathe the Dewey Decimal System as I work multiple full shifts in a row. You don’t realize how good a job can be for your exercise routine until you work at a multi-floor public library.

Yesterday, I managed to hand write a little during my break. I haven’t handwritten any fiction in something like a year! Maybe I can become one of those writers who finishes a manuscript on pieces of scrap paper compiled from commutes and lunches.

With libraries on my mind lately, I can’t help but theme this post around Dewey.

5 Dewey Decimal Numbers Every Writer Needs

  • 808.3 – You can’t be a writer if you don’t write!
  • 641.3373 or 641.3372 – The necessary liquid fuel!
  • 398.2 – I think we all need to believe in fairy tales and dreams come true. That’s why I write fantasy.
  • 612.821 – We don’t get enough sleep – not because of our busy schedules, but because the world isn’t the most accommodating to night owls!
  • 910-919 – We may not be able to travel the world (especially not during a pandemic), but we need to put the world in our novels, and to do that, we have some studying to do!

Haiku of the day:

Someone's fingerprints
Another life loving this world
Of paper and ink

Published by laurenhallstrom

Lauren is the author of two CIPA EVVY award-winning novels, both written when she was a teen. She writes contemporary fantasy for tweens and young adults. She holds an undergraduate degree in English at Colorado State University and currently works in a public library. More often than not you can find her there - promoting lifelong learning, staring off into space, and dreaming up new stories.

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