Writer Dead Giveaways – Camp NaNoWriMo Day 5

Camp NaNoWriMo Day 5

After almost having my car rear-ended during a rare outing today, I found myself feeling especially like a writer as I tried to explain what happened to family.

Of course, I had to make sure there was some exposition in there, and include some internal and external conflict – all the typical things. Then when I tried to say that the other car swerved onto the shoulder, somehow the only word that would come to mind was “footer.” Kind of a weird view to have of a roadway. “Margin” would have worked, too.

It got me thinking: there are a lot of things writers do or say that are dead giveaways of their writerly perspectives…

Things Writers Do When They’re Not Noveling

  • Accidentally type “write” instead of “right” in every school essay
  • Think how that patch of clouds really does look like a semicolon
  • Automatically start that written assignment with “Chapter 1”
  • Narrate the breakfast routine
  • Leave a conversation early to write down a really great phrase they said

Daily Haiku:

Car comes screeching by
Halfway down the eighty-five
Near-miss in the margins

Published by laurenhallstrom

Lauren is the author of two CIPA EVVY award-winning novels, both written when she was a teen. She writes contemporary fantasy for tweens and young adults. She holds an undergraduate degree in English at Colorado State University and currently works in a public library. More often than not you can find her there - promoting lifelong learning, staring off into space, and dreaming up new stories.

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