Where are all the NaNoWriMo Night Owls?

Remember earlier this month when I challenged you to a word sprint? Well, after lots of procrastinating, I finally tried a few. I have to say, I’ll need to do some mental stretching to improve, but they did help get me out of my inevitable Week 2 writing rut. Why don’t you try a wordContinue reading “Where are all the NaNoWriMo Night Owls?”

A NaNoWriMo 2021 Journey with a Twist

Welcome to National Novel Writing Month 2021! My “Procrastiwrimo” self always wonders how this comes around so fast and how I’m always so unprepared… I’ve always been a big advocate for doing NaNo your way. Use the rules, but only as they work for you! (Not a saying I would recommend extending to life inContinue reading “A NaNoWriMo 2021 Journey with a Twist”

The Déjà Vu Writer: July Camp NaNoWriMo Days 1-2

Welcome to 2021’s Juliwrimo, or the July installment of Camp National Novel Writing Month! After a long pandemic hiatus, in which the most productive thing I did was write 30 alternatingly hilarious and tragic COVID-inspired poems, I’m back to blogging daily for the month of July! Let’s chat, procrastinate, and maybe even get some wordsContinue reading “The Déjà Vu Writer: July Camp NaNoWriMo Days 1-2”