The Masked Writer: Camp NaNoWriMo Day 11

Camp NaNoWriMo Day 11 Seven months ago, my thoughts on masks were mostly centered on wondering how, in fiction, a piece of fabric covering a fraction of the face could completely conceal an identity. Regular people can become superheroes by putting on a mask. You can be two people at once. Now with the pandemic,Continue reading “The Masked Writer: Camp NaNoWriMo Day 11”

How a Poet Gets Things Done: Camp NaNoWriMo Day 10

Camp NaNoWriMo Day 10 If you’ve read some of my other posts, you know that I have a thing for lists. And they’re even more fun if you approach them creatively. So, for today, I’m merely sharing my to-do list, in the form of a haiku. Today’s to-do list: Break a curse, solve a riddleContinue reading “How a Poet Gets Things Done: Camp NaNoWriMo Day 10”

Writer Dead Giveaways – Camp NaNoWriMo Day 5

Camp NaNoWriMo Day 5 After almost having my car rear-ended during a rare outing today, I found myself feeling especially like a writer as I tried to explain what happened to family. Of course, I had to make sure there was some exposition in there, and include some internal and external conflict – all theContinue reading “Writer Dead Giveaways – Camp NaNoWriMo Day 5”