Day 4 Camp NaNoWriMo: Homemade Glass

Poems are going great, StayHomeWriMo noveling needs some work… And in the vein of social distancing:


Homemade Glass

by Lauren Hallstrom


I have a friend who lives in a snowglobe—

every day she cleans her side of the glass. She has built herself a town there; you can go ice skating or order a bakery cake or connect to Wi-fi. She is her own architect and cake-baker and postmaster. Every day she sweeps the snow from her garden to find the colors beneath. She doesn’t mind being kept separate because she is kept clean. She cannot contaminate herself. She likes to sip her tea and look out her window, and every so often a hand descends from the sky,

and gives her world

a shake.

Published by laurenhallstrom

Lauren is the author of two CIPA EVVY award-winning novels, both written when she was a teen. She writes contemporary fantasy for tweens and young adults. She holds an undergraduate degree in English at Colorado State University and currently works in a public library. More often than not you can find her there - promoting lifelong learning, staring off into space, and dreaming up new stories.

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