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My Poetry

I write in a wide variety of genres, although my favorite genre is most certainly fantasy fiction. Other genres that I have written include historical fiction, realistic fiction, science fiction, and dystopian / futuristic categories.

Dreamweaver, my fantasy novel about superstition, is my first novel. Since writing Dreamweaver, I’ve gone on to write four more novels, all of which are almost twice as long as Dreamweaver, although only one will be published. One Hundred Words will be available in most online bookstores in mid-October.

I have also written a number of short stories, including my legendary first story about frogs in a lunchbox. Ah, well, I was only six years old at the time. It pains me to say that this short story will probably never appear in a published book.

I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember. I write a variety of poems, such as haiku, quatrains, free verse, sonnets, and many others. Four years ago, I challenged myself to write one poem every day, and so far I have made that goal.

My poetry is featured in several poetry collections, and I have won two haiku contests as well.

In addition to writing poetry, I also love reading it. My favorite poet is Emily Dickinson, but others like Robert Frost and Sara Teasdale also inspire me.

Below are two of the poems that I have written. Later, I will add additional poems of mine to this page, including haiku and other poems I have written over the years, from age seven to the present.


I marvel at the little bird

That hops in front of me,

He pays no mind to shifting feet

Or looks of interest keen.

I wonder at his soft markings

And unusual way he hops

He watches me as I watch him

Until my heart nearly stops.

He comes still closer, unafraid

Of my shadow or of me;

How can he act as if he’s not

Wary of something unseen?

I marvel at the little bird

Who knew I needed him,

And how he showed me inspiration

When it began to dim.

The Night Owl

He looks about with knowing eyes

Half-smiling all the while,

And in the mist opaque shapes lie

The essence of River Nile

He gives a nod and spreads his wings

To glide among the stars;

Looks down upon all of the things

Though not so very far

Then with the wind he travels on

To see what lies ahead,

And for a moment there echoes a song

Of the things not yet said