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Lauren Hallstrom
Teen Author


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Released September 14, 2013

Lauren Hallstrom’s Debut Novel


Dreamweaver is also available on Amazon, but I receive more royalties from book sales from BookCrafters, so please order from BookCrafters if you’d like me to receive greater royalties from your purchase. Thank you!

In November of 2012, I participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), a nationwide challenge to write a full novel  in 30 days. I entered  Douglas County Libraries’ 2012 Teen NaNoWriMo contest. Teens are required to make their own word goal for their novel and complete it in 30 days. I wrote my 28,000 word novel by hand during that month.

My book won the teen contest grand prize of publication through Douglas County Libraries. The product of this month-long event is Dreamweaver, my debut novel, written at the age of 15. Dreamweaver is available at most online bookstores.

My First Published Book!

Coming Soon:

Thanks to over 700 views of this online article, Dreamweaver was featured in the Denver Post. You can still view this article, the press release for Dreamweaver, here.

Congressman Cory Gardner gave a speech in the House of Representatives honoring me and my first book, Dreamweaver. Read the transcript of his speech here.

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I’d love to hear what you think of my novel. Please know that reviews do not need to be detailed or lengthy; just a few quick sentences is wonderful.

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The town of Fortune is just your typical small town.

Or is it?

When Audrey Waverly picks up a single, shiny penny, she thinks nothing of it. Nothing, that is, until strange things start to happen. When sinister nightmares begin to plague her hometown of Fortune—nightmares that are all too real—Audrey must face the fact that she may have caused them.

With time running out, Audrey must confront her worst fears, delve deep inside herself, and discover what she is meant to do. No matter what, she must finish what was started—before it’s too late.

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